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INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM POLICY AT NADODRZE Sp. z o. o.NADODRZE spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

We have long-term experience in the production and sale of metal products, in particular of parts of liquid- and gas-transferring installations in household appliances.

In terms of organisation and the specific risks and opportunities for the quality management system, the Company’s main objective that will determine its market success and continued growth benefiting our staff and the local community is:

  1. manufacturing products of a quality that meets the requirements of our clients,
  2. maintaining the opinion that we are a trustworthy partner, while maintaining full conformity with environmental protection regulations,
  3. providing rehabilitation for disabled people,
  4. ensuring the health and safety of our staff.

We declare that we maintain the quality standards expected by our clients, while caring for the environment. We offer reliable, safe and environmentally friendly delivery of products, and competitive delivery terms.

We wish to be seen as a company that’s friendly to the community of the Bytom Odrzański region engaged in the social life of the municipality.

The driving force behind creating a positive image of the company are care for our clients, the environment and HSE.

We are aware of our impact on the environment and agree that pollution needs to be limited and prevented, and that any negative impact on our surroundings must be mitigated.

This is reflected in the following environmental measures:

  • monitoring pollution emissions into the environment,
  • sustainable waste management,
  • sustainable power consumption.

We build mutual trust by reinforcing partner relations with our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. While maintaining our ability to continuously deliver products and services that meet the specified requirements, all our efforts are dedicated to continuously improving the quality of offered products, building a positive image of the company and meeting the requirements of specific stakeholders that are important for our management system.

To us, this means:

  • identifying and satisfying the current and future needs of our clients and important stakeholders by engaging the highest levels of management in activities that improve client satisfaction based on analyses of risks and opportunities for the organisation,
  • meeting the requirements imposed by legislation and regulations applicable to our business activity, the environment, occupational health and safety, and the Company’s Ethics Code,
  • continuous cost monitoring and optimisation,
  • implementation of environmentally friendly technical solutions,
  • continuously raising the OHS awareness and qualifications of our staff taking into account their role and involvement in activities involving occupational health and safety,
  • improvement of HSE conditions through prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases,
  • continuous evaluation of accident and illness hazards, preventing near-miss incidents, and ensuring ongoing information on occupational risk is provided to stakeholders,
  • systematic monitoring and improvement of company processes,
  • effective emergency procedures,
  • improvement of the functional efficiency and effectiveness of the integrated management system conforming to the requirements of the following standards: PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-EN ISO 14001, and PN-EN 18001,
  • ensuring the availability of adequate organisational, technical and economic resources required to execute this policy.

All NADODRZE Sp. z o.o. employees are aware of the quality policy and respect its assumptions, thus contributing to achieving the objectives.

Bytom Odrzański 21/02/2019

The Company Board

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